Need a fresh perspective and unique content for your website? I can take your ideas and write engaging, compelling and easy to understand text for your website, email marketing campaigns, newsletters, brochures, articles, reports and press releases. This includes researching, interviewing, collaborating and editing. I connect the reader to your message by carefully matching style and voice to the audience. Additionally, I add the keywords and metadata that is critical for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Content Is Critical

Don’t settle for boring words.  Great content makes it so much easier to grab attention and influence your audience.

The only way to keep your site fresh to readers and high-ranking to search engines is to have relevant content that is continuously updated. Your new WordPress site will have tools that allow you to easily update text and images.   There are many ways to inject interest in your on-line presence. Add a blog to provide viewers with meaningful insights. Review events, products or trends in your industry on a news page. Highlight your recent accomplishments. Search Engines will love it, and your customers will see that you are a leader in your field. If writing is not your gig, I can transform your thoughts to words and keep you on a consistent schedule of content posting.

Content Marketing

Timely messaging of meaningful content can attract, engage and ultimately convert viewers to customers. 

Welcome to the world of content marketing, a strategic digital marketing approach that is focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to targeted audiences. Instead of directly pitching your products or services, you are providing desired information to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues. Content marketing can take many forms — social media outreach, blogs, webpages, infographics, podcasts and videos. An added bonus is that it increase SEO, as search engines reward websites that publish quality, consistent content.

The challenges of targeting, creating and managing all that content can overwhelm many small businesses. Many companies feel they must publish content more rapidly, on more and more digital channels all at once. Without a cohesive strategy, the volume approach will fail. I can help you to generate the right mix of text, images, videos and offers to produce the best value for your Content Marketing budget.

Top 5 Ways Content Marketing Works

  • brand awareness
  • audience engagement
  • lead generation
  • customer retention/loyalty